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Climate Change Ahead for US

Report Says Significant Climate Change Ahead for US
By Michael Bowman
29 May 2008

Tired like me? 介紹一首好聽的歌:Andrea Bocelli--Besame Mucho

I felt Andrea who sang this song with all his heart ,I'm bewitched by his voice.
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Besame Mucho (翻成英文是Kiss Me A Lot)是由墨西哥作曲家Consuelo Velasquez所作, 後來又由Sunny Skylar譜了英文歌詞. 怪的是, Consuelo Velasquez跟據網路上查到的資料是1924年生, 但在All Music Guide上卻查到在1940年就有這首歌錄音的記載(除非Consuelo Velasquez真的那麼天才?). 是由著名的爵士男歌手Nat King Cole所錄的(也有可能是同名的歌? 不知道.). 最早查到的拉丁歌手的錄音則是墨西哥曼波歌手Pérez Prado在1956年的錄音(這看起來比較合理). 之後也有許多爵士樂手錄過這首曲子, The Beatles則是在70年代曾經唱過英文歌詞版.


All Music Guide


剛才再聽polar bear 3 遍同時對照原文, 居然意外發現 原文裏的the government在oral brocast 的時候用的是the federal, 真好玩,then, go check LONGMAN
federal ( adj )
1. a federal country or systim of government consists of a group of a states which control their own affairs,but which are also controlled by a single national government which makes decisions on foreign affairs,defence etc: Switzerland is a federal republic.

1.of a system of government in which several states unite, usufor foreign policy, etc, but retain considerable control over their own internal affairs聯邦制的(BESTA無敵)
2. (within a federal system)relating tocentral rather than local or provincial government

government ( n )
1.(C usually singular also+plural verb ) the group of people who govern a country or state.
The Government are planning further cuts in public spending.
(often the Government) body of persons governing a state
(常作the Government) 政府; 內閣 ( BESTA無敵)


Time arrengement in my learning English

Time arrengement in my learning English
To tell the true , I did'nt make time arrengement in learning english till now !
when I did my assigement , at 影音上傳的步驟上 always frustrate me, 事實上我想力行每日30分鐘的聽,寫,錄, 然而昨晚一弄就一個晚上卻還未完成一個錄音檔的上傳,所以blog的使用不熟練還是成為我目前力行學習上的一大阻力.


今天想把自己錄下的voamp3聲音檔放到網誌上,卻失望的發現ijgg抓不到存在桌面的檔案,資訊長未接電話, 只好先寫下單字, 至少這是我的學習軌跡, I'll try it again !!
I just listened for many times again about the report , and write down the words that I'v checked in LONGMAN
1. beleaquered (a) usually before(n), experiencing a lot of problems or criticism圍困的,包圍的.
2. accelerate (vi) if a vehicle or someone who is driving it acceleraqtes, it starts to go faster
3. endangered(vt) one that soon may no longer exist 危及
4. habitat(n) the natural home of plant or animal 產地,棲息地
5. Arctic(a) only before(n) relating to the most northern part of world 北極地帶的
現在我會讀這些單字, 也會錄下來, 可就是不知怎樣PO上來.
I must find someone to help me !!

at least 30 times listened to the news

<font size="3">1.The <font color="#ff0000">beleaguered</font> polar bear got some help from U.S goverment this week.<br />2. the <font color="#ff0000">interior</font> department declared the bear threatened under the<font color="#0000ff"> En</font></font><font size="3"><font color="#ff0000"><font color="#0000ff">dangered Species Act<br /></font><font color="#0000ff">3. because of the...............</font><br /></font>4.the listing requires the goverment to develop a plan to protect the animals.<br />5.but the new ruls also leaves the door open to expanded <font color="#ff0000">Arctic</font> oil and gas exploration</font>

VOA news about polar bear

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<font face="Comic Sans MS"><font size="1">情境式英語學習與傳統式教學相較,最大的不同:<br />1. 化被動學習為主動<br />2. 為井底蛙開啟另一扇學習之窗<br />3. 透過Internet 無限寬廣的網域與世界接軌, 藉反覆收聽&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; VOA, 使自然習慣英語環境的播報<br />4. Rehearsal的實行,讓聽力在不知不覺中長進<br />5, 字彙及應用,在自己感興趣的文章探索中日益增強<br />6. 同學間相互協助建立群體學習網絡<br />7. 菜鳥的電腦技能也被迫upgrade<br /></font>&nbsp;</font>

VOA News about polar bear

極地的北極熊因為全球暖化的問題, 可能面臨絕種的危機, Let's take a look about this subject!!
Polar Bear Added to List of Threatened Species in U.S
.By Rosanne Skirble
Washington, DC
16 May 2008

The beleaguered polar bear got some help from the U.S. government this week. The Interior Department declared the bear threatened under the Endangered Species Act because of accelerated melting of the polar bear's Arctic sea-ice habitat. As Rosanne Skirble explains, the listing requires the government to develop a plan to protect the animals, but the new rule also leaves the door open to expanded Arctic oil and gas exploration.

Polar bears are dependent on sea-ice for foraging, resting, and reproduction
Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne said that without the new protections, polar bears could become extinct within 45 years. "This listing decision will be accompanied by administrative guidance and a rule that defines the scope of impact of my decision in order to protect the polar bear while preventing unintended harm to the society and the economy of the United States."

<a href ="" ><img src= ""/></a>

after hearing many times, I wrote it down

Academy-award-winning actress and honorary National Library Week chairperson, Julie Andrews, discusses what libraries mean to her.
National Library Week is April 13-19, 2008.

I do remember the joy of going to the library and finding just the book I was looking for, I didn't have that much opportunity to go when I was a child , because I was travelling a lot of time working at very young age, but library from ????? give me some peace, quiet and joy and such a new world??? before I performing when I took a book ????out of my-????at local library.
Libraries can bring you the world you never dream of and you can get anything you want, you can reserch project, you can get help from your homework, you can get????from internet, you can find out all the joys from this wonderful world at your local library.

PS: the question mark in this artical , means nomatter howmany times I've listened , still
can't understand what she said.

I love this big cat, but I'm not a lazy bone like her<img src="" alt="" style="border-width: 0; float: left; margin: 0.7em 1.4em 0.7em 0;" />